20. Images: artists and works mentioned in the text.

1. The Virgin from the National Gallery Virgin of the Rocks 

2. Adoration in the forest Fra Filippo Lippi, 1450s 
3. Adoration of the Magi by Ghirlandaio, 1477
set within Classical ruins
4. A small Madonna by Verrocchio and possibly
Lorenzo de Credi,  showing supporting angels,
one with the symbolic gesture of adoration,  the
other looking at the viewer like the angel in
the Louvre Virgin of the Rocks. 1470s 

5. Madonna della Misericordia by Piero della Francesca. 
An image designed for the invocation of the aid of
 the Virgin Mary at times of trouble 

6. The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio with extensive
collaboration from Leonardo, most famously the
painting of the angel to the left

7. Madonna of the Annunciation by Antonello
da Messina showing realism and natural lighting.
This influential artist travelled from Sicily to Venice

8. Adoration of the Magi by Andrea Mantegna showing
the event taking place in a cave.  Rocky landscapes are
a feature of many of Mantegna's paintings.  He worked in
 Northern Italy, not Florence. Leonardo may have been
influenced by his work. 

9. The unfinished Adoration of the Magi begun by Leonardo in 1481

10. The Virgin and Child with St Anne, Leonardo,
about 1500, a dynamic painting of Mary with
her mother 

11. The Pala Sforzesca, an elaborate altarpiece by an
unknown artist painted for Leonardo's patron
Ludovico, and clearly influenced by the Virgin 
of the Rocks now in the National Gallery. 

12. A small Madonna and Child  by Leonardo's
 pupil Antonio Boltraffio and clearly influenced
by the National Gallery Virgin of the Rocks